My happy clients sent me some kind words about our coaching programs

Before working with Maryta, I was stuck in a rut with my weightloss goal. Since our sessions I have been more disciplined in my habits. She really helped me take a mindful approach to mindless eating and guided me toward better choices. Maryta is very well spoken and has a very calm approach to tackling challenges. I feel like she is a great listener and has a very non judgemental approach to each issue I brought to the sessions. After the completion of our sessions I have gained a new mindset about my goals. I learned I need to take a mindful approach to eating and be kind to myself. I would recommend her as a coach to anyone wanting to better themselves and be kinder to themselves. 

Peer Coach

I am grateful to have worked with Martya. She has helped me to explore and use new and different types of meditation and mindfulness modalities that I was not currently using to help alleviate stress and grief in my life. She has helped to awaken the curiosity in me to be open to trying different ways of being and living my life. It has opened up my mind and soul and has changed me as a person and how I relate to the world and other people. She helped me to seek and find a greater spiritual existence within myself. Thank you.

Mindfulness Partner

Hello, my name is AF and I wanted to share my experience with my coaching sessions with Maryta Weber. I reached out to Maryta as a health coach so I can better myself and learn more about supplements and having a better lifestyle. I am a busy mom of seven children ranging from 20 to 2 years old and to find the time to spend with my family and balance time for my selfcare is limited. So, I thought this was a great opportunity to start the sessions with Maryta. From the very beginning with my sessions, I really enjoyed learning about myself in more details as the questions came from Maryta about my overall wellbeing. Seeing me as a whole being, body, soul, and spirit. I found Maryta to be very patient, a good listener, and she learned along the way in my journey. As our first session was under way she was searching how she could better help me with the hormonal changes my body was and is experiencing. She researched different foods, sleep patterns and ways she could help me. The next three sessions would be different for me because I noticed a lump and found out I had a reoccurrence of breast cancer. Maryta was very caring, thoughtful, and continued to research ways she could still help me. Our coaching relationship at this point just felt more real in a way. I have a big need now and my challenge grew with the latest news. Each week I had tests from MRIs to ultrasounds. I looked forward to our coaching sessions and catching up with her. Honestly going to miss our talks but grateful for the time we had to learn and discuss. Maryta is an excellent communicator and if she doesn’t know something she finds out about it for the next session. Our time together was valuable and I highly recommend Maryta for health coaching as she is knowledgeable in healthcare as a RN and as she looks at each person as a whole being. I would recommend Maryta to anyone who wants to better themselves and learn more about a healthier lifestyle. I even mentioned to Maryta to see in the future she may be able to get guide cancer patients to better themselves as well.

AF, Client

I had the pleasure of being one of Maryta Weber‘s practice clients as she’s been working towards her holistic nurse coaching. When I first saw that Maryta was looking for a clients I knew that I needed to be one. I was in the midst of post-holiday slump where all my motivation was completely out the window and I  just needed to get back on track with my routine. The first meeting with Maryta, although some thing totally knew and I didn’t know quite what to expect, was excellent! Maryta really made me feel comfortable and not nervous to do any “over sharing,” which I’m prone to do. I never left feeling like I had said too much, or embarrassed in anyway. She is very approachable and has a very conversational approach to her coaching style which helped me, as the client, to really work through where I currently was, what I was trying to achieve, how I could get there with in a way that was practical, attainable, and lasting, and she encouraged me to get to that point the whole way. As our sessions continued it was very helpful to have Maryta not only as encouraging support but also as a accountability partner as I was working towards my own goals specifically getting myself into a healthier habits and routine.  All throughout my sessions with Maryta I did have a friend in mind who would benefit extremely well from having Maryta as a nursing coach/counselor. After every conversation with Maryta I walked away feeling engaged and empowered, and wishes that a particular friend of mine was also sitting there and getting the wisdom Maryta had to share.  On more surface levels Maryta is very easy to communicate with, easy to schedule with (she understands when life gets busy and reschedules need to happen) And she’s very easy to talk to. Her gentle spirit is so sweet, and yet she’s not afraid to speak the truth, lovingly of course, but she will still tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear which is exactly what you want from the coach.

HV, Client

Maryta has the skill, compassion and patience necessary to be an awesome nurse combined with the life experience and expertise to make transformation possible for her clients as a coach. She helped me break a years long daily alcohol habit that has truly changed my life.

Peer Coach

I’m a busy mom of 6 and newly divorced. High anxiety and a little depressed with some self doubt. During and after working with you a learned a few tricks to help with all the above. Things are better, calmer and I know I have some one in my corner that can help me if I ever need her when I’m struggling. My experience was great we were able to find a time and place that worked for both of us. You were easy to talk to and relatable. What I liked most was we both brought something to the table. Wether it be a product or a new way of putting the kids to bed. We shared what worked for us and I think we both got something from each most sessions.

LB, Client

I am a wife and a mother of four grown children.  Two of my Children are married and don't live at home.  I still have two boys ages 24 & 19 that are living at home.  I am also a grandma to a 14-month-old little girl who is going to be a big sister in a few weeks.  I work full-time and try to take care of my house and babysit my granddaughter too.  This doesn't leave me with a lot of time to take care of myself. Working with Maryta was a great experience.  I am a type 2 diabetic that is struggling with limiting my sweets and carbs.  Maryta and I discussed her success with a sugar fast that she was doing.  I tried it and wasn't so successful, but I am trying it again and I am on day 3 successfully so far.  It is one more tool for me to focus on my health. Maryta and I discussed my level of movement and activity.  I used to walk a lot when I had lost 25 lbs. last year, but lately I had put on about half my weight and stopped moving like I was.  We discussed how movement was important since I have a desk job.  We discussed that starting out with half-hour walks three times a week was doable, and I have been doing this.  I discussed how I would like to join a 24-hour gym, but I have yet to join. Maryta and I also discussed journaling as a way of keeping track of my journey.  It is very therapeutic.  I have been keeping track of my progress and how I feel.  She suggested that I write a letter to me for encouragement (I have yet to do that).  She also introduced me to some meditation and breathing exercises that are relaxing too. I have learned from Maryta, that it is important to care for myself first so I can care for those I love.  By taking time for me, that isn't being selfish, the opposite is true.  She has given me some great tools like journaling, meditation, and the sugar fast (which is a Biblical fast that is helping me grow closer to the Lord). I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Maryta.  She is very knowledgeable and kind.  She is patient and a good listener.  I would recommend her coaching to all my family and friends.  Our time together fly by, and I always looked forward to our next session.

TK, Client

I had been having trouble with anxiety and a feeling of overall fatigue and stress. Our coaching sessions have given me some practical (and achievable) goals to move toward a better picture of wellness. I am feeling better overall than I did a month ago! My experience was delightful. Not only were you easy to share personal things with, but you listened and were attentive to everything I had to say. I appreciated that you could take what you heard and put that into a plan for some tools to help with what I was struggling with. I am sleeping a little better due to several things, I am also re-evaluating certain choices when making commitments. I am also taking vitamins, increasing water consumption, and I have eliminated soda from my diet. I am doing some breathing exercises that have helped with moments of anxiety. I am a perfectionist who likes quick and measurable results, and the changes that I’m making to my lifestyle are more of a gentle slope to success instead. Over time the efforts will compound and make a measurable difference in weight, sleep, health, etc. I would recommend your coaching to anyone I know without reservation!

KD, Client